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‘Bloom in Pink’ Fragrant Bottle Drinks


In addition to the above marvellous drinks for ‘Hanami’, our newly launched ‘Bloom in Pink’ fragrant bottle drinks; Crystal Bloom and Dream Berry, are refreshing blends for a fun get-together or picnic under the shades of pretty cherry trees. Its glamorous glass bottle and unique flavour make it a standout choice for any occasion. We’d highly recommend reusing or up-cycling the bottle after enjoyment, i.e., flower arrangement will be nice to sustain the beauty of spring.

Crystal Bloom 

Retail Price: $52 (280ml) - only served in cold

Japan salted sakura  | Monkfruit sugar  | White peach | Peach resin 

Crystal Bloom is served in glass bottles that gleam like crystal in the spring sunshine. Hand-crafted freshly with Japan salted sakura, white peach, and lemon juice. Each sip is a burst of citrusy and bubbly sparkling water, with a hint of savoury saltiness that adds depth and complexity to the drink. When shaking it, you will see the sakura petals wafting inside the transparent bottle,  such a delightful magic moment with this perfect therapeutic drink.

Dreamy Berry

Retail Price: $52 (280ml) - only served in cold

Oat cashew mylk | Rose jam | Strawberry | Detoxifying charcoal pearl | Snow swallow

Dream Berry is based on a roseate strawberry and aromatic rose jam smoothie, while the snowy white oat cashew mylk is the top layer. Resulting in the drink is both delish and visually stunning with vibrant contrasting colours. Gradually it turned blush pink after shaking it. This fancy dream bottle is not only instagramable but also packed with nutritious snow swallows and detoxifying charcoal pearls, which are beneficial to skin youthfulness.