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Natural Sweetener

The comforting nature of any boba tea (apart from the boba) is its signature sweet flavour. But rather than cramming our drinks with harmful sugars, we've gone the extra mile to create only the best and healthiest sweeteners to improve the flavour and your health simultaneously.


When it comes to sweeteners, Blackstrap Molasses is the king of all sugars. It's the most nutrient-dense part of any added sugar with a higher calcium content than milk ounce for ounce, more iron than eggs, and more potassium than any other food source.


Made from coconut palm sap, coconut sugar retains many of its minerals and some of its fibre making it an excellent lower GI sweetener.


Our zero calorie zero glycemic sugar substitute is made from monk fruit and erythritol, a sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols cannot be digested, so consuming large quantities can upset your digestive system.