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‘Bloom in Pink’ Series for Flourishing Spring


Revive Your Memories of Japan: Infusing Every Sip with the Joy of Japanese ‘Hanami’

Warm spring has finally arrived, and what better way to celebrate than with a refreshing drink that captures the essence of this flourishing season? Introducing our newest creation - Bloom in Pink, a series inspired by ‘Hanami’ and featuring Japanese salted sakura, French style rose, and other springtime fruits like white peach and strawberry. Mother Pearl delivers these pinky crafted drinks reviving your memories of Japan joy and recalling the spring season with the shade of pretty flowers.

Hanami is a traditional Japanese custom spanning centuries and literally means “flower viewing”, in modern terms, Hanami usually involves outdoor parties beneath the pink cherry blossom canopy with spring food and drinks. All drinks are now available at all Mother Pearl stores and delivery channels for the spring season, while stock lasts.

Peachy Sakura
Retail Price: $42 (Petite); $48 (Regular) - only served in cold
Japan salted sakura | Monkfruit sugar | White peach | Peach resin | Snow swallow

Our house made sakura syrup served as the base of the drink, which is made with the finest ingredients, including salted sakura flowers imported from Japan, zero-calorie monk fruit sugar, and white peach puree. The salted sakura adds a unique twist to the sweet floral aroma, it tastes refreshing and surprising, and pairs perfectly with the chewy peach resin and snow swallow. The Peachy Sakura is rich in collagen and the perfect pick-me-up for anytime of the day.

Rosy Blossom 
Retail Price: $42 (Petite); $48 (Regular) - only served in cold
Rose petal | French rose mylk froth | Oat cashew mylk | Rose jam | Rose jelly | Nata de coco

Rosy Blossom is sweetened with rose jam and our house made rose jelly (Japanese Kanten), a perfect balance with our signature oat cashew mylk, adding an extra burst of creaminess and nuttiness. Topped with French-styled rose mylk froth, which contains 23% rose and Himalayan pink salt. The result is a delicious, frothy, guilt-free sweet treat.

Secret Garden
Retail Price: $52 (Petite); $58 (Regular) - only served in cold
Rose petal | Uji matcha | Almond mylk | Rose jam | Strawberry | Detoxifying charcoal pearl  

Named after the famous literature, Secret Garden is inspired by a garden flourishing with greenery and pink blossoms. It’s a refreshing blend of strawberry smoothie, almond mylk, Uji matcha and served over detoxifying charcoal pearls. We have upgraded the matcha powder with the renowned Marukyu Koyamaen Watatake Matcha Powder from Uji, Kyoto, popular for its well-balanced richness and bitterness.