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An addictive and refreshing blend of berries and lychee, the Lychee Rose is a fruity blend that captures the freshness and delight of a summer morning in paradise. The tea base is Keemun rose tea, a rose-infused black tea that is enhanced by the hints of sweetness from the protein-rich chia seed and nata de coco - the perfect combination of great taste and good health. 

Bright, vibrant and refreshing, Over the Rainbow is an infusion of the most exciting tropical flavours - a recipe that combines mango and passionfruit purée with Keemun rose tea. This sun-kissed blend also includes thirst-quenching natural ingredients, such as activated charcoal tapioca, nata de coco, and chia seed which contains large amounts of heart-healthy antioxidants to help fight the common cold by preventing free radical formation.

Brewed from a strong Masala Chai tea, ginger juice, and turmeric spice blend, Pot of Gold highlights the bright yellow hues of turmeric, a spice that that is commonly used in Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern for food and medicine, to provide anti-inflammation, anti-flu, and anti-acne functions. Along with the creamy coconut foam froth, our house-made oat cashew mylk mellows down the overpowering flavors of the ginger, cardamom, and chai to ensure that this tea is irresistibly delicious and healthy.

Taro Mo-latte puts together your favourite sugar-free taro paste, blackstrap molasses, oat cashew mylk and activated charcoal tapioca to make a creative spin on the classic taro drink. Its rich dietary fibre content also helps curb hunger and prevent constipation - sounds right up your alley if you are on a balanced diet.

Using Phoenix Pearl Jasmine Tea, a light tea base with a long-lasting jasmine aroma. Adding turmeric tapioca which is rich in nutrition value and antioxidant and nata de Coco, then covered with vanilla rice froth on top. Jasmine Pearl is using natural sweetener monkfruit sugar, indulging your sweet tooth with this low-sugar and healthy drink.

Doing a lot more than just a treat to your taste buds, True East is a protein-rich drink that is also extremely hydrating. Creamy and delightfully sweet, the black sesame paste is a reliable source of energy due to its high healthy fat content, such as Omega-6, which specifically contributes to healthier bones and better digestion. The smooth matcha tea base also contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that helps reduce the effects of stress and boosts energy.

Named after the famous literature, Secret Garden is inspired by a garden flourishing with greenery and pink blossoms. It’s a refreshing blend of strawberry smoothie, almond mylk, Uji matcha and served over detoxifying charcoal pearls. We have upgraded the matcha powder with the renowned Marukyu Koyamaen Watatake Matcha Powder from Uji, Kyoto, popular for its well-balanced richness and bitterness.

Rosy Blossom is sweetened with rose jam and our house made rose jelly (Japanese Kanten), a perfect balance with our signature oat cashew mylk, adding an extra burst of creaminess and nuttiness. Topped with French-styled rose mylk froth, which contains 23% rose and Himalayan pink salt. The result is a delicious, frothy, guilt-free sweet treat.