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#Matcha, a gentle companion on your journey to mental wellness🍵We had the pleasure to share the soothing power of our vibrant green elixir, as it nourishes our body and nurtures mental well-being. We hope these crafted drinks have uplifted your spirits and promote a sense of tranquility amidst the flurry of a hectic day! 

What a nice view! #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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Not only did we have an animated and guilt-free afternoon with @lululemonhk at their opening at @citygateoutlets , we also celebrate for #InternationalYogaDay 💚 🧘🏻🧘🏻‍♂️ Sip, Sip, Hooray!! Lovely to meet all happy faces👏🏻👏🏻

Thanks for having us💚

#MotherPearl #MotherPearl圓貝. #Lululemon

Taste buds dancing and your feet tapping with our electrifying #PEARLTEA at @alsofestival2023

Thank you for counting us to be part of the journey!! #ALSOfestival2023

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📨info@motherpearl.world or 📮DM us

We are beyond grateful to @bloomberg for inviting us to be part of Mother's Day celebration and serving our ‘Bloom In Pink’ series in such a special occasion.

Gathering people around to enjoy our #PearlTea and receiving positive feedbacks filled our hearts with joy and reminded us the importance of togetherness.

Once again, thank you for offering such platform for the wider audience and their efforts in supporting local businesses.

For corporate enquiries
📨info@motherpearl.world or 📮DM us

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@bloombergpantry #SupportLocalBusiness


Truly honoured to serve some of our best Pearl Tea🧋at @linkedin Hong Kong Office for their #LinkedinHKOpenDay

During this 4-hour crowded event, we served more than 450 guests with 400+ cups of Pearl Tea (Po Mylk Tea was by far hottest in demand!) We believe through bubble tea, we are all LINKEDIN and connected to make the world's professionals more productive and successful. 

In addition, a big thank you to Kathy Ho and Joyce Chau (from LinkedIn) for having us to serve our Pearl Tea to everyone who attended this wonderful event and Celina Kwong for the inspiring presentation on how sustainability could be impactful, from people and to the world. 

Congratulation on the success of this event Mei Mei Ng and thank you all for loving our drinks. We look forward to serving you all in future events💚

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