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Mother Pearl introduces New menu with zero-guilt slushy

The Zero-guilt, healthy and vegan drinks to welcome spring

Mother Pearl, the first and only vegan boba tea purveyor in Hong Kong, is introducing new menu on 9th April March to welcome Spring.


All ingredients are made from scratch, including daily freshly made plant-based mylk, superfood tapioca, coconut froth and rice froth. Natural sweetener is used such as Monkfruit sugar, blackstrap molasses which are much healthier than the standard refined sugar. Giving you a hassle-free boba experience!

Surprising you with Yuen Yeung 2.0 $38 (12oz) / $42 (16oz), a perfect combination of home-made almond mylk, Yuen Yeung base, tea jelly and Charcoal tapioca, then top with organic coffee froth which is light in texture and rich in taste, taking this Hong Kong traditional formular to a whole new level, a great recommendation for milk tea and coffee lovers.


Another highlight is the Zero-Guilt “Icy crush” collection, 3 refreshing icy slushy drinks: Matcha Crush $50 (12oz) / $56 (16oz), Very Berry Crush $50 (12oz) / $56 (16oz) and Crush on Gold $52 (12oz) / $58 (16oz) are made to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt! Our specially made slushy on top is light, unique in texture and rich in taste.

Using Japanese Uji Matcha, Matcha Crush is smooth texture with a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. Matcha has 10 times more antioxidants than green tea, helps anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.


The refreshing Very Berry Crush is made with raspberry, strawberry and blueberry to provide a great source of antioxidants. Crush on Gold is made of mango slush, coconut froth, fresh mango, charcoal tapioca, black rice and snow swallow. All icy crush drinks are paired with our one of a kind Monkfruit jelly, which is sweet but contains no calorie at all.


Other new drinks include La La Love $38 (12oz) / $42 (16oz) which helps to lessen stress and to calm anxiety, the nutritious Taro Mo-latte $40 (12oz) / $46 (16oz), Jasmine Pearl $34 (12oz) / $38 (16oz) which is adding the calorie-free monkfruit sugar, Matcha-cha $40 (12oz) / $46 (16oz) and Just Jasmine $36 (12oz) / $40 (16oz).


Croissant, scone and cookie are always our all-time-favourite comfort food, the latest Mother Pearl’s vegan pastries Croissant (Original / Cheese) ($9 each, $48 for 6 pieces), Plain scone ($20 each) and Chocolate cookie stick ($28 each) are great alternatives for picking up snack throughout the day and preparing for a great summer bikini day.


New menu is available in Mother Pearl’s flagship store on Lyndhurst Terrace in Central. Takeaway delivery is also available through Foodpanda and Deliveroo to Wong Chuk Hang.